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What's The Big Deal About A2A2 Milk?

When looking at our label, you may ask "What is A2A2 milk? Well, we are pretty passionate about it and love to share all of our knowledge. The simple version of it is, milk is made up of a whole bunch of different kind of proteins. The protein that is found in most milk is A1A2. This protein can cause a lot of not so happy effects on your digestive system, and has turned a lot of people off drinking milk. About 50% of people who think they are lactose intolerant are actually just intolerant to the A1 protein. Well, A2A2 milk is a different version of that protein that doesn't make your digestive system feel gross! We think it's pretty cool that just a little difference in the protein can make a whole world of difference for some people, and it makes us so passionate about getting the word out about A2A2 milk! So, if you can't drink milk anymore because it makes you feel gross, we encourage you to talk to your doctor about trying A2A2 milk. If your doctor says it's okay, try a little bit at a time, and see how you feel! Just a little disclaimer: if you have been medically diagnosed as being lactose intolerant, sadly the A2A2 protein will not be able to help you. More on the difference between lactose and A2A2 in our next blog post!

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