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How Next Generation Creamery Got Started

Ever wondered how Next Generation Creamery started? Patrick Grimshaw, along with his son Alex, have both always dreamed of processing Grimshaw Dairy Farm's milk. In December, 2019, when his milk cooperative Jeff Bulk lost their milk market, Alex started really working on making their dream come true. They teamed up with local milk processor James Munn of Black River Valley Natural, and got to work planning Next Generation Creamery. Once everything was in place, Next Generation Creamery milk was found on store shelves in the middle of April, 2020, right in the middle of the COVID - 19 pandemic. It was easier because some people were finding it almost impossible to find milk on store shelves, due to the food shortages. From there, it took off. Fast forward to present day, and Next Generation Creamery is working on expanding, and reaching more customers with our A2A2 creamline milk. Alex and Patrick want to make milk easier to be consumed again, like it used to be. Next Generation Creamery is a family owned and operated company working to bring back milk drinkers, and hoping to help the next generation fall back in love with milk again.

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