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  • What is A2A2 milk? Why does it make our products unique?
    Cows naturally produce many proteins in their milk - two of those proteins are the A1 & A2. Research has found the A1 protein to be the factor which causes many individuals digestive discomfort when comsuming dairy products. "Regular" dairy products you find in the store contain both A1 and A2 proteins. Naturally - thru genetics - some cows do not produce the A1 protein. Our cows are A2 certifed - which means no A1 proteins will be found in our milk! Thus "A2 milk" is produced. Now more people with dairy sensitivities can enjoy full flavored whole milk products ... without the belly ache!
  • What does it mean to be a creamline milk?
    Creamline Milk is simply milk that has not been homogonized. During homogonization, the fat particles of milk are placed in a specific enviorment with pressure to break down the fat into smaller particles so that the particles don't naturally seperate. Some individuals feel that the process of homogonizing deminshes the natural taste of the milk and that it is an unnecessary process. Without homogonizing milk, the fat particles (often referred to as cream) seperate in the bottle due to density. This process of seperation is completely natural in milk. So what does this mean for those enjoying our milk products? Just give the bottle a shake before drinking.
  • Where does your milk come from?
    Our milk comes from Grimshaw Dairy Farm (Henderson, NY). Grimshaw Dairy Farm is commited to cow comfort and producing a quality A2 product for us all to enjoy!
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