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Where Your Food Comes From...

From Grimshaw Dairy Farm To Table

Patrick Grimshaw (pictured right in 1994) is the owner and operator of Grimshaw Dairy Farm and is no stranger to agricultural business. 

He was born with a love for agriculture in his blood. Growing up on his fathers dairy, working at multiple farms as a teen and eventually earning an animal husbandry degree from SUNY Cobleskill in 1988 are just a small part of the story.

Please click the PDF link below to view an old news article from 1994 to learn more about the history and roots of Grimshaw Dairy Farm. 



Located in Henderson, NY, near the shores of Lake Ontario, our family owned and operated farm strives to grow high quality, local foods.  


    Grimshaw Farm Stand is the local solution to closing the gap between the family farm and our neighbors' table. Our farm - like many others - has a story rich in family history, tradition, hard work, pride, and the love of agriculture.

         From one generation to the next, we strive to make a quality product that can be consumed and enjoyed by as many people as possible. One of our ways to achieve this goal, we are producing "A2A2 milk, which is not only for those that regularly consume dairy products, but also for those who experience milk digestion sensitivity. The missing "A1" protein in our milk makes it easily digestible for almost anyone.  Our other goal is to raise meat that you will be proud to put on your family dinner table.  

Thank your for getting to know us and our products a bit more.

We hope you'll become part of our Grimshaw Farm Stand family!


A2 Certified Cows

What Does That Mean???

Our cows produce milk without the A1 protein!

Get that great full taste of whole milk without the belly ache.

Our Mission

We aim to increase the availablity of easily digestible dairy products, as well as providing local and farm fresh dairy products to our local consumers. As a family owned business, we work together to provide the highest quality products for our valued customers! 

Our Farm Values 

All food sold in the US goes through rigorous testing to ensure no antibiotics or growth hormones are present. We pride ourselves on raising our animals humanely and with respect.   


Grimshaw Farm Stand was established in 2020 by Patrick & Alex Grimshaw during the height of the pandemic to increase our local community's access to locally grown, farm raised products.  Since then, we continue to increase the amount of local products we carry, and continue to raise high quality meat and dairy products. 

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